* CK X TNF is new future clash brand between Calvin Klein and The North Face.


One day the cracks began to creep across the world. And then it fell to pieces around you. Terror is everywhere. The apocalypse is happening right now. That’s the bad news. Or is all news bad news. (Fake news?) Gone are the blissful days of youth. Now, in this new void, we must carry air and warmth on our backs. You must stand strong against the encroaching storm. Clad yourself in modern armour. We will survive this cataclysm together. This may be the only thing you read today that isn’t a lie.

CK X TNF Brand DNA Board



Bitter Sweet

Dark Humorous

Contemporary Gender Politic

Zero gender infinity

CK X TNF Mood boards
Line - up of collection W/F 2018 - 2019
CK X TNF W/F 2018-2019