Triptych - 30 people from different apartments, branding, management, design meet as a one group to create new brand and collection for 2028. Every group has two iconic people. One is past iconic and the another one is present iconic, which we have got Elvis Presley and Tim Burton.


There is a loss of intimacy in the future, due to technological advances such as relationships with robots and partners chosen based on algorithms. This new notion of artificial love, lacking humanity and magic won't be able to satisfy the needs of us all. We create a discussion against this by drawing inspirations from the dialogue created between Elvis Presley as a "sex symbol, with his un-fabricated expressions and sexual liberation, and Tim Burton's peculiar and dark fantasy world. The outcome is Vultus, a brand that combines the bizarre with the twisted and our own take on provoking fetishes. With the end goal to bring back the human and irreplaceable ways of authentic sex and love.